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  • Resume for Marketing jobs

    Resume for Marketing Jobs: Marketing jobs are in great demand, so your application must be on point so that you stand out from the crowd. We’ll tell you how to create a convincing cover letter and resume and what are absolute no-goes. Application templates. In marketing, you convince with a modern or creative application. For more […]

  • Resume for Management or Consultancy Jobs

    Resume for Management or Consultancy Jobs: Since managers make important decisions for a company and usually get a high salary for them, HR managers from the management area look particularly carefully during the application process. Anyone applying for a position in management should therefore pay attention to a few special features. You can find tips for applying […]

  • Resume for Sales Jobs

    Resume for Sales Jobs: An application not only underlines your own skills and personality but is also always individually tailored to the respective position. So that your application in sales works and nothing stands in the way of being invited to an interview. Application templates. Both the classic and the modern model are suitable for an […]

  • Resume for HR Jobs

    Resume for HR Jobs: here you can find out what components your application in the Human Resources & HR department should have, how the application process works and what you have to pay attention to in the interview as an HR manager. Application templates. For an application in the Human Resources & HR department, the modern […]

  • Resume for Supply Chain Management

    Writing resume for supply chain management must be convincing – the same applies to the personal interview. You can read here how to master the steps to a job in supply chain management or materials management. Application templates. The best way to convince HR managers in supply chain management or materials management is with a classic […]

  • Resume for Administrator Jobs

    Resume for administrator jobs or for a position in administration & assistance should convince with their application right from the start and thus outdo the competition. You can find tips for applying as an office clerk, in office management or as a managing assistant, from cover letters to job interviews. Application templates. Resume for administrator jobs […]

  • The handwritten resume

    A handwritten resume is only required by a few employers.  If this variant is explicitly required in a job advertisement, you should definitely stick to it, because this is then the first work sample. However, an application only makes sense if the resume is easy to read. Anyone with a beautiful handwriting has a clear advantage here. I […]

  • How to write tabular resume?

    The tabular resume is the most common form of presenting one’s own professional career in a compact and clear manner. The most important building blocks in the tabular resume are information on training, studies and professional experience. I will explains How to write tabular resume? and what you should pay attention to. Resume template. Clear, suitable for […]

  • How to make a good resume?

    “How to make a good resume?” is the most important question for jobs seekers. The resume is the central document of your application. It shows HR managers at a glance which training and requirements you have for a position. Resume writing is an art and I will discuss, step by step how to make a good resume […]