Application in education and social affairs

In case of Application in education and social affairs, you need to show that you are enjoying working with people on a few pages. Here you will get tips on how to convince with your application in the social or educational sector.

Application templates.

For an application in education and social affairs, it depends on your future employer whether a classic, creative or modern application template fits. Must read full article on “How to make good resume?”

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Education & Social Affairs: That belongs in the application.

Application in education and social affairs

Resume Template

What counts most is the content of your application. But everything should also be formally correct to make a professional impression and to submit complete documents. You send them by email, post or the company’s application management system.

  • Write to,
  • Resume and
  • Attachments and certificates

A cover sheet is optional and can help to outline your core knowledge. The resume should not have any gaps that you cannot explain. The attachments not only include certificates but also certificates important for the position.

Cover letter and resume.

Applying in the social sector or in education differs from applications in other professions in the private sector in that the focus is often on methodological skills. On the other hand, if you start with a consultancy or an NGO, for example, business knowledge is also important. Always pay particular attention to the relevance, instead of following the standard application scheme, according to which you always list foreign language and IT skills.

Important information about your resume.

In the resume of your application, the primary aim is to present your previous career – from studying humanities or social sciences to internships during your studies to your thesis – on a maximum of two pages. You proceed anti-chronologically, the most current stations are at the top. Skills such as foreign language skills should also be included on your resume with the specification of the respective level. These are relevant if you want to work with refugees or in development aid, for example, and have learned Arabic or Spanish for this.

The cover letter.

The cover letter is then about your motivation and your personal fit for the job in education & social affairs. Here you have the chance to show your knowledge and personality on one side.

Getting started is particularly important: Get to the heart of what makes you the perfect candidate for a job in the social or educational sector. In the following, you will combine your previous practical experience with what is required in the job advertisement. If you are applying, for example, as a trainer or in e-learning, it doesn’t hurt if you have given tutoring for years or if your thesis deals with the relevant topic. You place a special focus on your soft skills, your personality and your methodological competence. You prove this with certificates. Voluntary work or involvement in a sports club show that you are in contact with people and that you are intrinsically motivated.

10 no-gos in the application.

  1. “I hereby apply as a consultant”: This entry makes the HR manager yawn and your application on the rejection pile.
  2. Selfies: Just like vacation photos or other snapshots, selfies look very unprofessional. Going to the photographer is inevitable.
  3. Exaggerated salary expectations: If the application asks about your salary expectations, you state it at the end of the application – but without exaggerating: If you want to earn more than the average as a career starter, you have to be able to explain this very well.
  4. Would, would, could: subjunctive tones don’t seem self-confident. Instead of looking forward to an interview, you look forward to getting to know each other personally.
  5. Parents’ job: The space in your application is precious, so you should leave out irrelevant information in your resume and focus on yourself.
  6. Subject: Application: Leave out the word “Subject” and specifically name the position you are applying for – for example: Application as a social worker, reference number xy

The interview as a social scientist.

If your application is impressive, you will be invited to get to know each other personally. At larger companies, this can take the form of an interview, but it can also take the form of one or more interviews. In any case, it is important that you find out about the company or organization in advance, read into your areas of responsibility and be aware of your motivation. You should also choose your outfit consciously in the social area it must often not be too chic, whereby you should not appear too casual as a teacher, for example.

You will usually be asked general questions about your motivation, personal questions, technical questions and questions about stress, for example:

  • Why do you want to work for us?
  • What do you like about working with people?
  • How do you react when someone yells at you?
  • In which social situation, do you never want to be and why?
  • Which educational concepts in schools do you know?
  • You come into a room and feel tension. What do you do?
  • What is the great advantage of e-learning for you?
  • Can you imagine yourself to be a competent contact person for drug addicts / long-term unemployed / children with a violent background?
  • Which methods do you know from coaching?
  • Why did it take you so long to study?
  • Imagine you have to announce that a hundred jobs will be cut. How do you proceed?
  • How do you rate your performance so far, would you adjust yourself?

The following applies to all questions:

Be honest and show yourself ready to learn. A lot is about personality, especially in the social and education sectors. If you pretend, it will be noticed. 

Own questions.

If you have the opportunity to ask your own questions at the end, you should definitely use them – on the content level. You better save questions about salary or vacation until the end. Good questions are:

  • How is the induction going?
  • How many people will I be responsible for?
  • Are further training courses offered?

Resume Template

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