How to make a detail resume?

How to make a detail resume? A detail resume is usually more confusing than the tabular resume. Therefore, it is only required by a few employers – but often for a scholarship. I will discuss on “how to make a detail resume?”, so that it is clear and makes a good impression.

Detail resume facts.

Resume Template

Resume Template

A detailed resume is an essay resume. This means that you write down the relevant information about your career in a running text. However, this does not mean that the detailed resume replaces the cover letter of your application , but rather it comes as the second page in your application before your certificates and evidence. The length is one to two A4 pages, with font size 11 to 12.

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When do you need a detailed resume?

This form of application has become a bit out of fashion. Only very few companies still require this option, as a tabular resume is much clearer due to its general structure (time periods, activities, locations, etc.). However, a detailed curriculum vitae is required for some scholarships or for applications to the police or for higher service.

How to make a detail resume?

Usually, you submit your career in the form of an essay as a Word or PDF document. Sometimes a handwritten CV is also required in the job advertisement. In that case, you should definitely comply with the request and write your career in detail and by hand.

It is important to structure the detailed resume well and to keep the layout clear. Therefore, do not write a large block of text, but divide your text into meaningful paragraphs. The detailed curriculum vitae is also structured chronologically. That means you start with your past and end with your current situation and a possible future prospect.

All the facts about the detailed resume at a glance:

Art resume in essay form
length 1–2 A4 pages
Document form PDF or Word document
construction chronological structure: from old stations to current ones
structure Structure in meaningful sections, use headings, insert boldface

Detailed resume: advantages and disadvantages.

The disadvantages of the detailed resume are clearly the length and confusion. A recruiter cannot immediately see the most important stages of the applicant at a glance . It also takes much longer to read a detailed resume rather than a tabular one.

Apart from that, the detailed resume offers a significant advantage over the tabular variant: the companies can use the form of the essay to specifically check how sophisticated the applicant’s ability to express himself in writing is. This is particularly important for jobs in which you have to communicate a lot in writing, such as as a lawyer or in public relations . Admittedly, the detailed resume makes the application much more complex. But it can be an advantage to deal with your career in such depth. It also helps for the interview if a self-presentation is required there.

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Resume Template

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