Resume for Marketing jobs

Resume for Marketing Jobs: Marketing jobs are in great demand, so your application must be on point so that you stand out from the crowd. We’ll tell you how to create a convincing cover letter and resume and what are absolute no-goes.

Application templates.

In marketing, you convince with a modern or creative application. For more template check at the end of this article.

Components of your marketing application.

Your application typically consists of

  • Write to,
  • Resume and
  • Investments.

Must read 


Optionally, add a cover sheet to make a positive first impression. The attachments include certificates as well as other certificates, for example if you have participated in further training or have completed certifications. As for form, it is common to send the application by email or through the company’s application management system – the post is considered out of date, especially for online marketing managers. As a prospective marketing manager, you can also apply in a creative way, for example by creating an application website.

In principle, you can use a modern and creative design in your application in communicative areas and thus also in marketing , as long as the cover letter and CV are still clear and well structured. In this way you show that you have a good feeling for the effect of text and images – an important quality of a marketing manager. If you need suggestions for the design of your application, you can be inspired by application samples.

The cover letter.

In the cover letter you not only write out your resume, but rather show why you are motivated and the right person for the job in marketing . From the very first sentence, you have to make it clear why you want to work for this company. Your application letter is divided into the following parts:


The head of the application contains your contact details, those of the company or the specific contact person and the subject. This is not simply called “application”, but must contain the specific position, for example application as a PR officer, reference number 123 or application for an internship in online marketing


The first few sentences decide whether the HR manager will continue reading. Accordingly, you do not start with “I am applying as a Junior Marketing Manager”, but choose one to three individual sentences that show that you are interested in the position and not just send off a mass application. One possibility for an introduction to match the job posting for SEO Manager would be, for example:

Resume for Marketing jobs


Resume for Marketing jobs

“By traffic I don’t just mean morning rush hour traffic – I rather feel at home in the world of page impressions, engagement rate and conversions. You are looking for a team reinforcement in the field of online marketing and I am looking for an innovative, modern online company with prospects – wanted, found? “


The main part is about your previous knowledge, both in your studies and in practice. For example, if you wrote your thesis on search engine optimization or did an internship in a PR agency, this can be an excellent fit for the position you are looking for. Your soft skills are also discussed here, but not simply listed. Rather, you show in which situations – at university, at work or privately you have shown team spirit and co.

Conclusion: In the last small section you enter your salary expectations as well as your earliest starting date and close with “Kind regards” plus your full name and (scanned) signature.

As an orientation aid for your salary expectations, you will find the starting salaries for the various communication professions here. But also take a look at the respective salary pages, because the salary depends on many factors, e.g. B. the state, degree, etc.

The further application process.

If your application is well received, you will get to know each other personally. A telephone interview is often put in place. In addition to job interviews, larger companies also like to use assessment centers in which various group and individual tasks must be solved.

In a personal conversation, you have to be just as prepared for technical questions as for personal and stressful questions. In any case, stay friendly, authentic, and say honestly when you don’t know something. The smart thing to do is to steer the conversation towards something that you feel confident about. If the questions get too private, you can answer vaguely. When it comes to stress and estimation questions, it is important to remain calm and confident – it is often not the correct answer that counts, but how you say something. Always in the foreground: your motivation and the will to learn.

For example, these typical questions can await you in an interview for a digital marketing job :

  • What is the bounce rate on Google Analytics?
  • What is CTR?
  • Your customer triggered a shit storm on Facebook – how do you get on top of the situation?
  • In your opinion, what should not be missing from a good commercial?
  • Which online and offline advertising channels do you know?
  • Why are you applying to our company of all people?
  • What do you have that other candidates don’t have?
  • What was your last failure and how did you deal with it?
  • What would your friends describe as your greatest strength?
  • How much does Cologne Cathedral weigh?
  • What do you think my impression of you is so far?
  • Which do you think works better in advertising – beautiful people or cute pets?

At the end there is still time for your questions. It is best to make a note of this in advance or during the conversation if something goes through your head. Content-related questions such as:

  • How are decisions made in the team?
  • What is your meeting culture?
  • What tools do you use?
  • What are my development opportunities?

You can also address topics such as vacation or salary – but wait until everything else has been clarified so that you don’t get a wrong impression.

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