How to get my business on google?

With Google My Business, companies can create a free industry profile on Google. This is how you can get the answer of your question “How to get my business on google?”.

What is Google My Business and what are the benefits?

Google My Business (formerly Google Places) is a free service from Google for businesses. You can use it to create a uniform business entry for your company.

The My Business entry appears, for example, when a prospect searches Google directly for your company or a related topic, for example your industry in your city. The business entry with address, opening times, position on a map and ratings is then displayed prominently in the search results or to the right of it. This area on the Google site is also called the Knowledge Panel.

How to get my business on Google?

An example: If you search for “Commerce College”, then with other result some college, some college name with google map will also come. This is as per locality. So if you will brows from different location different result will come.  

“In addition, a Google My Business entry automatically appears in other Google products,” explains search engine expert Ralf Seybold. “The Google navigation app, for example, is able to find the company. And if you combine your My Business entry with a service such as “Yext Listings”, your data will also appear in more than a hundred other services, such as the TomTom navigation system or in the car manufacturers’ navigation systems. “

This not only increases visibility, it is also extremely practical: if you change your details, such as the phone number in the My Business entry, it is automatically changed in all other services.

Who can create a Google My Business listing?

How to get my business on google?
How to get my business on google?

Any company with a locally accessible address can create a new Google business listing or claim and edit an existing one. All you need is a free Google user account.

You may have a Google My Business entry without any action on your part if you are listed in business directories. Google works with providers such as “Yellow Pages” and “The Local” and creates an entry from them.

You can find out whether there is already an entry by logging into Google My Business and trying to add your company. When you enter the address or phone number, Google will check to see if there is already an entry. Of course, you can also just google for your company.

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How do I create a Google My Business listing? A step-by-step guide

  1. Go to the Google My Business homepage  .
  2. Click on “Get started now”.
  3. Now you have to log in with an existing Google account or create one by clicking on “More options”.
  4. Now enter your company name. If there is already an entry, you can edit it now. You may have to request access first. If there is no entry yet, enter your company category (if necessary a main and several secondary categories) and your exact location, if you have several locations, you can also submit several. Add information such as opening hours, your phone number and your website.
  5. You will then be asked how you want to receive the verification code, for example by postcard. You have to enter this in order for the entry to appear in the search results. If you want to continue, you can also click on “Confirm later”.
  6. You land on an overview page for your company entry. There you can see what percentage of the data is still missing. You can also delete the entry here.
  7. Now you can upload photos of your company, enter opening times and a description. Incomplete business listings will not be displayed. They can also be edited or changed by anyone. Therefore, you should edit the information completely yourself.

How to optimize your Google My Business listing

Whether a business listing appears in Google search results depends on various factors, such as:

  • Relevance
  • Distance to the location of the person who is searching
  • Awareness / importance of the company
  • Reviews
  • Local engagement of the company / links to the website

If you keep the following tips in mind, your business listing will be more likely to show up on Google search results.

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Tip 1: Show what makes you special

You have the option to enter a description of your company. This description should contain a keyword that people who are interested in your offer are looking for, such as “Ice cream shop Vandalur”. Use the text to show what makes you different from others. “For example, a coach should not only write that he is working as a coach but also what specialty he has or what methods he works with, such as ‘systemic advice’ or ‘family constellation’,”.

Tip 2: Always write the address and telephone number exactly the same

Make sure that the address is correct, because this is the basis for displaying the entry in the local search. It is important that the address and all other information exactly match those in other business directories (Yellow Pages, The Local, Yelp or Facebook). Exactly means: If in one directory it says “Tamilnadu” at your address, it should not contain “Tamil Nadu” in another.

In addition to the address, always include a correct telephone number. Instead of a hotline or call center number, you should give a local telephone number if possible. The spelling of the telephone number should also be exactly the same in all directories. If you include +91, for example, you can do this everywhere. “Google is very intelligent, but the easier we make it for the algorithm, the better.”

Tip 3: check the positioning on Google Maps

How to get my business on google?
How to get my business on google?

Check whether Google has correctly marked the position on Google Maps and correct it if necessary. This is important for correct navigation. “Also consider whether it makes sense to move the positioning to your main entrance or the parking lot, for example. That can make it easier for your customers to find you.

Tip 4: Upload meaningful pictures

Photos are an important factor in making the My-Business entry livelier and more meaningful. Pictures are usually the first thing people see. This is why you should use engaging images that show different aspects of your business. This can be a logo, indoor and outdoor photos, product photos or images of employees.

The decision as to which images are displayed in the search results is made solely by Google. My Business entries with images have been shown to be clicked more often.

Incidentally, the same applies to the images: uniformity pays off. “You should upload the same images of your company in all directories,”.

Tip 5: Get active reviews

For more trustworthiness, motivate customers and partners to rate your company on Google My Business. Reviews have an impact on the ranking. “It is not important that a provider only has five-star ratings, but that they have as many and detailed ratings as possible,”. “So ask your customers to write a longer text. By the way, evaluative statements such as ‘fast’ or ‘reliable’ are greased by Google so that they jump straight into the eye. “

You should definitely react to bad reviews – but only if they are understandable. “If an evaluation is unjustified – for example because the person was not a customer at all – you should definitely not react to it,”. “Then you can have the rating removed with the help of a lawyer. This is easier if you have not responded to the evaluation. “

Tip 6: create an FAQ

React to questions or ask questions yourself and give the answers in the “Questions & Answers” ​​section. “This also gives you the chance to explain your offer in more detail,”. In the settings you can determine whether you want to be notified when new questions are received.

Tip 7: keep all information up to date

Google likes it when entries are maintained. If, for example, something changes with regard to your address, your offer or your telephone number, you should also change this immediately in your Google My Business entry. If you temporarily close your company, for example because you are on holiday, do not state ‘temporarily closed’, this has a negative impact on your findability. Better to add ‘special opening times’ for this time. “

Tip 8: Get links from websites in your region

“Links from the local area to your website increase your local visibility in Google. Such a link can, for example, result from the sponsorship of a local sports club, which then links to the company website. “Local trade associations also often link to their members. Many cities now also have a kind of city wiki that you can subscribe to.” You can also ask other local companies or business partners for backlinks. “This is signalling to Google: This company operates locally and is important.”

Tip 9: Link your best URL in your Google My Business entry

In your listing, you include a link to your website. Usually this is your homepage. “For some companies, however, the start page is quite general and not very meaningful. Instead, there is a subpage on which the company’s offer is explained in great detail, with a lot of text, Then you should use this URL.”

Tip 10: Turn off Google Ads

“I recommend placing Google Ads in any case, even if it is only on your own brand name and with 1.50 euros a day,” advises Seybold. “In the eyes of Google, a brand that is not advertised has little relevance.”

Tip 11: Enhance your listing with Google contributions

What are Google Posts?

With Google Posts, you can post news about your company, for example:

  • New products or services
  • Special offers or special promotions
  • Events such as trade fairs
  • job advertisements
  • Current blog posts
  • As a restaurant, the menu
  • Useful content for customers, such as white papers or checklists.

Google posts are therefore an opportunity to present advertising-like messages directly in the Google search index.

Google posts can be up to 300 words long; the first 100 characters are displayed directly in the business listing. You can and should insert an image, video, or GIF. The ideal image size is 750 x 750 pixels, the most important image content should be placed in the middle.

In addition, a so-called call-to-action button can be used, ie a button that the user should click on, for example “More information”, “Reserve”, “Register”, “Buy” or “Request a quote” and so that interested parties can be directed directly to his website, blog, online shop or another landing page. 

In order to be able to use the function, you need to log into your Google My Business account. The function is then available in the menu on the left under the item “Contributions”. The Google posts remain visible in the search results for seven days. After that, they are only visible when someone clicks on a current post: Older posts then appear below. Event contributions with a date expire after the event has expired.


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