What is a halal certificate? And why is it required? 

I decided to write an article on “Halal Certificate” after a small conversation with a Hindu right-wing supporter, who is using this “certificate issue” to spread hate. Please see the conversation first.  Right-wing supporter: (The above part is translated from Hindi to English) Auther: Right-wing supporter: Auther: Right-wing supporter: I understood from the above discussion […]

Italy defeated COVID-19? A wrong viral rumor.

Italy defeated COVID-19 and COVID-19 is bacteria not virous is viral on the net particularly on Facebook. A viral message in Hindi claims that “Italy has defeated coronavirus”. It says that the country performed autopsies on patients who died of COVID and found they had died of “5G electromagnetic radiation”. The wrong message is under […]

How to market with social network?

How to market with social network? (or social media) is the most important question to be answered by you if you are running a business or social organisation. Social network has belonged to the firm’s marketing mix for several years. Depending upon the business design and target group, every firm must be active on suitable […]

How to get my business on google?

With Google My Business, companies can create a free industry profile on Google. This is how you can get the answer of your question “How to get my business on google?”. What is Google My Business and what are the benefits? Google My Business (formerly Google Places) is a free service from Google for businesses. You can […]

How to make money on Social Media?

Hi Sawyer, may I tell you a fact? If you search Google for “How to make money on Social Media?”, you get 3,22,00,00,000 search results. Is it surprising? Isn’t. Increase in use of internet in recent years, particularly on mobile, created the enormous market on the web. You can understand the strength of this market […]

13 Important social media for your public relations

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, are important social media for public relations. The number and reach of social media is growing and the target groups and differences are among them becoming more and more specific. I am discussing an overview of all major social media relevant for Public Relations. The primary goals are always similar: increasing awareness, spreading information and access to […]