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  • QuillBot: an AI paraphrasing tool and much more

    Subject: An AI paraphrasing tool and much more Dear Academician and Researcher Don’t ignore reading this post. It could be a game changer for you in your academic career. This tool is being used by a lot of people and institutions. I want to tell you some of them. What is this tool for? This […]

  • What is h index and i10 index?

    h index and i10 index What is the h index? Hirsch index, as suggested by J.E. Hirsch in 2005, is abbreviated as “H.” The h index is an author-level indicator that seeks to gauge a scientist’s or scholar’s productivity as well as the influence of their publications on other scientists and academics’ work. Individual scientists […]

  • What is Affiliate Marketing and How Does It Work?

    Affiliate marketing may be a good option for you. You may make extra money on the side with affiliate marketing, which has been around for many years.You’ve certainly seen plenty of resources on affiliate marketing, including many of the how-to articles.For bloggers and website owners, affiliate marketing may be a highly lucrative and time-saving way […]

  • How to Host a Website from Your Own Home

    You can save a lot of money by hosting your own website rather than using a web hosting provider. To host yourself, you must be familiar with router configuration and have a valid domain name and web server. Your web server can be a computer that is not your primary work computer and runs Windows, […]

  • Teaching English management skills in the classroom

    For ESL/EFL teachers, managing their classrooms can be difficult because of a variety of factors. However, one important aspect of class management remains constant: the desire to communicate in English. This article discusses the class management issues that arise in most ESL/EFL settings in some form or another. A number of recommendations are also made […]

  • Does artificial intelligence result in biased decisions?

    Artificial Intelligence has recently been proven to have built-in bias in its decisions, which is a worry when using it in society. Science and research use artificial intelligence, and this is well-known. Artificial intelligence is even used in the development of the COVID vaccine (Greig 2021). A vaccination should take about ten years to fully […]

  • 11 Best Artificial Intelligence Powered Healthcare Mobile Apps in 2021

    In 2021, here are the top 11 Artificial Iintelligence powered healthcare mobile apps There is an old proverb, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away. However, that is not possible because an apple cannot prevent form all the disease and most importantly the human being are able to use their intelligence. But now with […]

  • What is artificial intelligence?

    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the use of computers to mimic human intelligence. Applications for artificial intelligence range from expert systems to natural language processing to speech recognition to machine vision. How does AI function? Companies have been trying to market how their products and services integrate AI as the excitement around AI has grown more […]

  • Justice in the age of artificial intelligence and big data: 🤔Think about the future

    How far will robots and artificial intelligence go in the legal profession? How the justice in the age of Artificial Intelligence and big data will effect? If automation and technological acceleration are changing the game, certain predictions are still science fiction for experts. “Predictive justice,” software-assisted contract execution, legal firms recruiting robots etc.  Many dramatic […]

  • What is the best way to teach English using newspapers?

    English using Newspapers: Newspapers and magazines are required in all classrooms, including those for beginners. Newspapers can be used in the classroom in a variety of ways, from simple reading exercises to more complex writing and answering tasks. Here you will find suggestions for using newspapers in the classroom, organised by linguistic goals. Read Simple […]