How to make money on Social Media?

Hi Sawyer, may I tell you a fact?

If you search Google for “How to make money on Social Media?”, you get 3,22,00,00,000 search results. Is it surprising? Isn’t.

how to make money on social media
Google result of how to make money on social media

Increase in use of internet in recent years, particularly on mobile, created the enormous market on the web. You can understand the strength of this market through the following graph. I take the data from that is updated up to July 2020.

How to make money on Social Media?
Data Collected form

Internet is full of website that makes their owner billionaires or millionaires.  There are several examples who have made millions through their blogs. 

Lots of people make money from social media. The growing success of  YouTube entrepreneurs  and Instagram influencers is proof enough.

make money on social media
Method of how to make money on social media

Sure, in this article, I’ll discuss how you can turn your business idea into cash through social media. So, let’s start.

First important thing is that you must make decision:

There are several ways you can make money using social media marketing. Some of the most popular are

Content marketing:

If you are expert in some area and good in writing, then you can select content marketing. To sell your content, you may create your blog or website, or you may write content for others. Even through YouTube channel you can sell your content in form of videos. If you have content on blogs, website or YouTube channel you can earn money through advertisement. The advertisement will appear to the viewer of your content. There are several options you can get advertisement on your blog or website, the most popular is AdSense of Google.

Affiliate marketing:

You may use your blog or website for affiliate marketing. For example, the book recommended blow in this post is an example of affiliate marketing. You have to have an affiliate membership account. Here for example I have affiliate membership account of Amazon. I know some of the best books on content marketing. I recommended these books through my affiliate link to the reader. So, if someone will buy the book, I will get a fixed commission decided by the Amazon.

However, my website is not dedicated to affiliate marketing. But you may start dedicated website, blog or YouTube channel for affiliate marketing. For example, product comparison or product review website or YouTube channels are infect dedicated to affiliate marketing.

Sale of digital product and services on the net:

Your e-book, video lecture, pictures, animations, graphics are some example of the digital product. You may sell all these products online through the social media. Selection of the appropriate social media channel depends on the kind of your product and the target customer.

The most important thing is, set your goal in black and white. You have to write down the answer of the certain question like, what you want to achieve? Why you are starting social media marketing. For example, you have to start content marketing and earn $2000 per month or you have to sell your 100 copies of e-book every month or you have target to sell amazon product of $10,000 using your social media network and affiliate membership. Your target may also be to achieve 50,000 followers in your Facebook or twitter account.

The important thing here is that the goal is measurable, so that you can test yourself. You must have a clear strategy and measurable goal.

Now take a step ahead and search your market:

This is the time to define clearly what is your product and who are your customers? For example, if you want to launch a digital product, say infographic. Then who will be your prospective customers and which social media will be best for your product. Take another example, you want to start affiliate marketing for Amazon. Then in that case your strategy may be to start a blog and write amazing content that attracts the target group or use social media to reach your target customer. You may also create the Facebook page and LinkedIn page and target 50,000 to 60,000 followers so that your post could reach a large number of people. Your content on the social media should be unique and attractive. You may also use paid advertisement through social media to reach the target customer.

Be informed, this is not the limit. There are several other options that may be used to start online business or earning through the social media.

This is the time to evaluate your idea for feasibility:

Now this the time to evaluate your target or plan. This is very important. For example, if you have planned to sell 500 copy daily of your e-book titled “How to cook cake?” Therefore, before investing your time and money you must evaluate the demand of your product in the web market or in social media. You can evaluate the demand by checking the related keyword traffic of your product or content. There are several options to evaluate your product or content. The best free option is Google Keyword Planner to evaluate the traffic related to your product. There are some paid options that is better than Google Keyword Planner. Like These all are paid but provide several options and analysis that offer great help in online marketing and promoting your product and content.

content marketing
Content marketing

Hamm, I can understand, and it is obvious. But I will discuss it in some other article one by one because there are a lot of things that may be of your interest related to the Social Media Marketing.

But if you need instant knowledge, I can suggest some excellent books on Content Marketing. Why books on content marketing? Because you can see above in all the three types of marketing, content is very important. You can refer the following books.

content marketing
Book on Content Marketing
Book on content marketing
Book on content marketing

The rating of the product is one of the best option on the amazon website to check the quality of the product. You can see here all are more than 4 point rating.

However, I will discuss all the important method one by one. You may subscribe the site to get notification.

How to market with social network?


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