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  • What is a halal certificate? And why is it required? 

    I decided to write an article on “Halal Certificate” after a small conversation with a Hindu right-wing supporter, who is using this “certificate issue” to spread hate. Please see the conversation first.  Right-wing supporter: (The above part is translated from Hindi to English) Auther: Right-wing supporter: Auther: Right-wing supporter: I understood from the above discussion […]

  • The Biggest ever Bank Loan Fraud

    After the bank fraud done by Vijay Mallya, Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi, a new Bank Scam has come into picture of Rs. 22842 crores. This bank loan fraud in India would be proved the biggest ever loan fraud if found to be true in investigation. The Accused of Bank Loan Fraud CBI declared ABG […]

  • The growth of e-RUPI could have a tremendous impact on reducing high cash flow in the economy

    The new e-RUPI solution, launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi today, is a QR code or SMS-based e-voucher that directly arrives in a person’s mobile phone with the beneficiary’s information embedded within. A platform for accepting payments via the internet and without the need for an internet connection has been developed by the NPCI, the […]

  • Modi is expected to inaugurate the e-Rupi programme today. Here’s how it works, the benefits, and everything you need to know

    The digital payments system e-Rupi will be launched today by the prime minister of India, Narendra Modi. A video-conferencing system will be used to conduct the launch. The PMO says that the Prime Minister has been strongly in favour of digital initiatives, such e-Rupi, and that position has not changed. In partnership with the Department […]

  • Italy defeated COVID-19? A wrong viral rumor.

    Italy defeated COVID-19 and COVID-19 is bacteria not virous is viral on the net particularly on Facebook. A viral message in Hindi claims that “Italy has defeated coronavirus”. It says that the country performed autopsies on patients who died of COVID and found they had died of “5G electromagnetic radiation”. The wrong message is under […]