You don’t need the most expensive sentiment analysis tools to capture feelings.

sentiment analysis tools

Sentiment analysis is in high demand in today’s marketing world. Consequently, sentiment analysis has increased rapidly in importance in the marketplace, and it now holds the position of being the most critical tool in a marketer’s toolkit. That’s because many software companies are eager to get on board with this cutting-edge trend, and that’s why there are so many tools out there. Even though you’ve chosen the best tool for the job, you may discover that it’s beyond your budget. Here are eight excellent sentiment analysis tools, ranging from high to low to help you determine which to use.

Freely Available Tools

We all enjoy a freebie, and the world of sentiment analysis is no exception. A few free tools are available. While these are not the most powerful or accurate on the market, they can be extremely beneficial for those just getting started on a tight budget.

App to Visualize Tweet Sentiment at NCSU


App to Visualize Tweet Sentiment at NCSU

If you are just looking to monitor commentary on Twitter, Dr. Christopher Healey’s app is a handy piece of technology. This tool utilises the convenience of a web app to search for and retrieve relevant Tweets from the last seven days (the range may be a little shorter for more popular topics). Once the Sentiment Visualization app generates colour-coded results for the keyword in an easy-to-read map, it will present the results to the user. Twitter users’ individual tweets are viewable using scatter graphs because users are able to scroll their mouse over bubbles. It is clear from these graphics that each Tweet’s position in relation to:

  • Pleasure conveys the tweeter’s happiness.
  • Activation indicates how enthusiastic the tweeter is.
  • Dominance indicates how much this specific term dominates the overall sentiment of the section of text.

The advantages of the NCSU Tweet Sentiment Visualization App are that it is free to use.

  • Results that are easily readable at a glance
  • Excellent accuracy
  • long-term dependability

Meaning Cloud


Meaning Cloud-Sentiment analysis tools

While Meaning Cloud isn’t as well known as Dr. Healey’s application, it’s used by small and medium-sized businesses to stay competitive. The text classification, topic extraction, and section-of-speech tagging tools are all completely free to use. Unlike the Tweet Visualizer, Meaning Cloud is cross-platform, including Facebook. Along with straightforward text classification, users can enhance results by uploading custom dictionaries to Meaning Cloud. Meaning Cloud also includes a convenient Excel add-in, but it is not compatible with Excel for Mac.

The Advantages of Meaning Cloud

  • Entirely free to use
  • Excel add-in with a variety of features Custom dictionary option
  • Accuracy

Tools for the budget range

Affordable sentiment analysis tools are readily available for people that need it — I highlight a number of our favourites:

Social Mention


Social Mention – Sentiment analysis tools

You may have heard that before as one of the most popular tools for mid-range sentiment analysis. Social Mention is a powerful search engine, which searches for your brand name through over 100 social media services. It will then give you the results in a single, simple list. Users can use keyword or sentence to set their search and then filter the results. The engine provides four key measurements designed to show you and the emotion behind the words. Social Mention can be used for free, and can quickly tell you if the overall tone of the words is positive, neutral or negative. Users can check their competitors as long as they are at them, of course.

Social Mention benefits

  • Unlimited use
  • Friendly interface for users
  • Scans most websites and blogs in social media
  • Very precise

Social Bakers


Social Bakers – Sentiment analysis tools

SocialBakers may be the one for you, if you are looking for an affordable way to cook a marketing storm. Socialbakers are a great way to automatically analyse the feeling and brand involvement of your business in an easy-to-use perception tool. Social Bakers provides the results of all-round sentiment analysis on a wide variety of platforms and forums.

Social Bakers Benefits

  • Powerful tool for search
  • Good value for small and medium enterprises
  • Works on a variety of platforms
  • Very easy to use



TIFY – Sentiment analysis tools

The curiously named TIFY is a sophisticated marketing tool. TIFY uses proprietary models to analyse this information quickly by collecting information from social media posts, news websites, blogs, reviews and video publishing websites. TIFY uses intuitive visuals and infographics to show the search results, one of the user-friendly and eyecatching interfaces. These simple results are ideal to read and understand what is happening online with your brand and to solve any problems.

TIFY benefits

  • Accessible to the SME
  • Flexible packages for price
  • Well-precise
  • Excellent interface

Big Spender, you there?

Just as if your brand is on the smaller side and is a SME, or if you’re just seeking a bit more power with your sentiment analysis, it’s time to take the next step and employ the heavy artillery. This is a must: you need a wallet that’s capable of handling the task.



Repustate – Sentiment analysis tools

Very well-known In 2010, the company called Repustate was founded and currently has more than 3,000 customers in six continents. Repustate, a newly launched tool, provides content providers with access to insights obtained from online media and outlets in 23 languages.

Repustate Benefits

  • Extremely strong search engine
  • 23 languages other than English
  • Up to one hundred thousand documents searched
  • extremely precise



UberVU – Sentiment analysis tools

As a rising star in the sentiment analysis world, UberVu is positioned well. UberVu scans all the popular websites and social media platforms for mentions of your brand, working with giants such as Microsoft and PayPal. In order to display results quickly and easily, it then organises its findings into an easy-to-read social intelligence dashboard. UberVu looks good and performs admirably when it comes to accuracy.

The various benefits of UberVU

  • detailed and high-accuracy
  • effortless to use
  • understands actionable information
  • Notifications

Lionbridge AI


Lionbridge AI – Sentiment analysis tools

Lionbridge AI offers a full service for brands looking for the best that sentiment analysis has to offer, thanks to access to over 500,000 contributors from around the world and in 300 languages. Text analysis, social listening, and emotion analysis are included among the services. The Lionbridge AI service prices are only available on request, but are said to be neither inexpensive nor particularly expensive.

The advantages of using Lionbridge AI

  • artificial intelligence-driven
  • extremely precise
  • Multilingual
  • Personal attention


It is true that each of the tools in our categories has its own advantages, just like in life. Tools and freebies that are of limited use for experienced sentiment analysis practitioners. Higher-end models are typically more powerful, accurate, and feature-rich.

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