Category: Human Resource

  • Welcoming back

    The office is our second home. We spend years together more than nine to ten hours daily. This is the second home for professionals. They get connected emotionally and professionally while working. It is natural to have a difference of opinion among the members. This many times also leads the employee towards the decision of […]

  • Let me know what option you have, if you don’t like your new boss

    It’s a huge relief when you start a new job and instantly bond with your new boss. But what if the inverse is true? What if you’re a few months into your new job and you find you and your supervisor just don’t get along? So, what should you do? Start by figuring out what’s […]

  • Avoid These Nine Inappropriate Activities at Your New Job

    No matter what the epidemic has done, life keeps moving forward. Millions of students were required to complete their college degrees online. Even though it would have been great to be present at the graduation ceremony in person, one must enter adulthood and begin seeking for work, right. Currently, hunting for a job as a […]

  • How smart is HR?

    HR processes can be automated with technologies and tools. The intelligent networking of data promises additional added value. But HR needs a playground for this to try out. How smart is HR? The term smart has long become standard vocabulary – many people have a smartphone or a smart TV, live even in a smart home . Often there is also talk of the Internet of Things, […]