Students should write brief summaries of the messages they read. Request that students write their own newspaper article for a school or class newspaper. Some students can conduct interviews, while others can take photographs. Alternatively, you could use the same concept to create a class blog. Students at lower levels can write descriptive sentences using photos, charts, images, and so on. To practise related vocabulary, these can be simple sentences that describe what someone is wearing. Advanced students can write about the "backstory" of photos, such as why a person was in the situation depicted in a photograph.

What is the best way to teach English using newspapers?

English using Newspapers: Newspapers and magazines are required in all classrooms, including those for beginners. Newspapers can be used in the classroom in a variety of ways, from simple reading exercises to more complex writing and answering tasks. Here you will find suggestions for using newspapers in the classroom, organised by linguistic goals. Read Simple

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Google Translate

Can Google Translate assist you in teaching English?

Consider this: You are teaching English to a group of other language speakers despite the fact that you do not speak other language. Present tense is a difficult concept to grasp for members of the group. What are your options? So far, most of us have done our best to explain things in plain English

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English in Clalssroom

Is it necessary for students to only speak English in class?

Here’s an apparently simple question: Should an English policy be implemented only in the English class room? Your gut reaction could be, yes, only English is the only way for students to learn English! There may, however, be some exceptions to this rule. First, consider some of the arguments advanced in support of a classroom-only

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