QuillBot: an AI paraphrasing tool and much more

Subject: An AI paraphrasing tool and much more

Dear Academician and Researcher

Don’t ignore reading this post. It could be a game changer for you in your academic career.

This tool is being used by a lot of people and institutions. I want to tell you some of them.

paraphrasing tool
IIT Delhi
paraphrasing tool
IIT Bombay
paraphrasing tool
Cambridge University
paraphrasing tool
Chiba University
paraphrasing tool
International Conference on Elementary Education
paraphrasing tool
University of Illionis Urbana Champaign
paraphrasing tool
The University of Lowa
paraphrasing tool
Mississippi State University
paraphrasing tool
Mastery Transcript Consortium
paraphrasing tool
University of Surrey
paraphrasing tool
USC University of Southern California

What is this tool for?

paraphrasing tool

This is tool is for

  1. Paraphraser / Paraphrasing Tool
  2. Grammar Checker
  3. Plagiarism Checker
  4. Co-Writer
  5. Summarizer
  6. Citation Generator
  7. Word Counter
  1. Paraphraser: This is the best paraphrase generator on the internet. With seven different types of paraphrasing. These are
    • Standard: It uses synonyms in an intelligent way to write the same sentence without altering the meaning.
    • Fluency: It ensures the text is readable and free from error. So, if you have written some sentence by yourself even though you can use this mode to rewrite the same sentence without any error.
    • Formal: Presents text in a more sophisticated and professional way. This mode also removes errors and writes the sentence in a more professional way.
    • Simple: Present the text in a way most people can understand. Using this mode, you can easily rewrite passive voice to active voice.
    • Creative: Express the idea into completely in the new way, some time it may change the meaning as well, but 100% remove the plagiarism.
    • Expand: It will add more detail and depth to increase sentence length.
    • Shorten: Strip away extra words to provide a clear meaning. These are very important tools to reduce the length of your article.
  2. Summariser: This is a very important tool to include the others work in your article. First you summarise the paragraph that will give you the short write-up that is important for your article and then use paraphraser to rewrite the sentence.
  3. Grammar Checker: Paid version of Quill Bot provides the best Grammar Checker tools. That will not only remove the grammar, spelling and other errors but also suggest the right word in your sentence that is very helpful to improve your writing.
  4. Plagiarism Checker: Plagiarism checker provided by the Quill Bot is very effective and works equivalent to the best plagiarism on the web but a little costly.
  5. Co-Writer: I selected this tool at the end because it requires some improvement. However, I have written one article using this tool. Of course, these tools proof as well very helpful to the research paper writer in the coming future.

Apart from that it has an extension of Microsoft Word, Google Docs, and Google Chrome. Therefore, you use all the features without copying and pasting in your Microsoft word document itself. Really helpful.

If you want to know more about the QuillBot or use it free click Here

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