How to write unique article or plagiarism free article?

In a discussion, Mr. Noah asked, “What is Plagiarism and how can I remove it? This question is infarct about “How to write unique article or plagiarism free article?”

How to write unique article or plagiarism free article?

Definition of Plagiarism

In fact, in a simple word, plagiarism is the other author’s language and thought, that you use in your original work without permission or close imitation. It includes not only copying sentence or paragraph word by word from other work but also the close imitation of his passage. So changing the sentence using synonyms and other lexical choice is no excuse to justify plagiarism. 
You must write a text strictly in your own word and then cite your source. You can understand it by the following example. 

Original Source

Consumer behavior is the study of consumers and the processes they used to choose, use (consume), and dispose of products and services, including consumers’ emotional, mental, and behavioral responses [1].

An example of plagiarism

Customer behavior is the research study of consumers and the procedures they used to select, utilize (take in), and get rid of services and products, consisting of customers’ emotional, psychological, and behavioral reactions.

An example of without plagiarism:

Study of consumer behavior includes consumers’ behavioral response that may be mental or emotional that direct the customer to choose a product to consume and its uses and ultimately how he/she deposes it off.

However, the sentence highlighted in red will come under plagiarism, but it may cheat the plagiarism detection software. The above example is called spinning the article, and there are several free and paid free spinning article software is available. One of them is most advanced and use artificial intelligence is Spin Rewriter

Plagiarism also include:

  • downloading an article from the internet 
  • hire someone to write something for you (If you are claiming it your own work, otherwise it is fine. You may hire people to write content for your website or blog.)
  • try to make other people’s ideas appear to be your own idea. 
How to remove plagiarism from the article?

Be familiar with the area before writing on it 

One you will understand the topic well, you will be more comfortable to write the your thought in your own word rather than copying someone else content or rewriting it by rephrasing it. It can be on the internet or in books, although books are almost always more authoritative than content on the internet.

Tip: The idea in this case is to go through different sources of information of your topic. If your will study only one source i.e. a book or one website page, then there is a high chance of inadvertently copying or plagiarizing your content, if you rely on three books, some websites, one or two documentary and one or two video lectures, the chances are much lower that you will inadvertently plagiarize your content.”

If you will copy the content using over 10 sources and then paraphrase it using some spinning software like Spin Rewriter, Google or plagiarism checking software cannot detect the plagiarism. It is a good idea if your are running marketing complain or writing content of your website. 

Reformulate the topic to yourself several times

The key is to understand the content of the text and to be able to express its meaning in your own words. Reading an author’s text too often will make you more inclined to rephrase that author’s text because your idea is not yet become independent. Another example of rewrite the original content in your own word is blew

  • The original source  : “The slaves worked grueling 12-hour days from sunrise to sunset, surviving on just under 1,200 calories of starchy foods and their superhuman efforts. “
  • An example of rewriting  : “In the 19th century, slaves were forced to work whole day without adequate food, that was only half of he recommended food recommended by the nutrition, even though they ware working hard whole day” (Thomas Jefferson).
  • Another rewrite example  : “In the 19th century, slaves worked as long as it was daylight, receiving very little nutrition” (Thomas Jefferson).

Include your quotes and sources 

Cite the original source and should include a bibliography of the original source you are using in your content. If you are using a direct quote from another author’s work, then reproduce it and cite the reference correctly. MLA is developed by Modern Language Association and widely accepted in citation and referencing. You can use it for your work unless another standard is pacified, like APA style.  

Tip: You can avoid plagiarism by adding quotes and citing sources immediately. If you don’t write down the sources immediately, you might forget to do so later.”

Are you in doubt, how to cite your sources?

There are a lot of ways to do this so as to avoid plagiarism. Here are a few.

  • Mention the source inside your paragraph: “According to Richard Feynman, quantum electrodynamics can be described using path integrals. “
  • Quote between single phrases that you think can be interpreted as being copied: “A ‘paradigm shift’ occurs when a scientific revolution forces the community to think about the world in a fundamentally different way. “

You need to understand a few basics about copyright

Plagiarism is not only bad academic practice but also it is a violation of the law if you infringe copyright. Here’s what you need to understand in order to stay legal.

  • As a rule, facts cannot be subject to copyright. You can write any fact in your text in your own word. This means you have the right to use whatever facts you find to support your writing.
  • Although facts are not subject to copyright, the words used to express them are, especially if the wording is original or unique (copyright covers original expressions). You are free to use information from other content in your articles, but you should use your own words to express them. To avoid plagiarism, you can take the existing facts and write them down in your own words. There is a certain grace in the way a sentence is rotated, it is not enough to add a comma. However, changing the grammar can be satisfactory.

Understand what need not be cited 

In academic research, it is unnecessary to name even the smallest thing, otherwise the research would be too painful for people to undertake. The following items need not be cited in your research and final versions of your articles.

  • Common sense sightings, folklore (folk tales), urban legends, and well-known historical events, such as the date of the attack on Pearl Harbor.
  • Your own experiences, ideas, creations, thoughts.
  • If you reuse information that you previously used to write a book or article, you will need to ask permission from the publisher to reuse it for new work or add it as quotes.
  • Your personal videos, presentations, music and other media created and generated by you.
  • If you are reusing musical passages that you previously used to write a book or article, you will need to ask the publisher’s permission to reuse them for a new work and you will have to mention their origins.
  • The scientific evidence that you have gathered after performing your own tests, surveys, etc.

Working Suggestion

Here is the best way to write an article in your own word in record time. 

  • Take an article from another language for example Hindi, or French and translate it using Google translate or Microsoft word (translation option is available in Office 365) in English then use Spin Rewriter to rewrite the content.  That’s it. For publishing the content in blog and for your website proper use of Spin Rewriter is enough to publish the content. If you are writing the content for your research paper, then involve one more step. Before translating directly in English, first translate in some other language and then translate in English. You will then arrive at extremely wobbly English, which will be barely understandable. Using the knowledge on the subject that you have accumulated from reading the articles and doing your research, you can now correct flawed English and rewrite using Spin Rewriter. Believe me, that is your own content with no plagiarism. However, using Spin Rewriter is a little tricky. Spend some time to learn the options to get maximum out of it. 
  • If you must copy, don’t copy entire pages or paragraphs! Instead, put the gist of the source text in your own words and quote the copied portion. Then cite your source using the appropriate bibliographic standard. You can take a different program or website service to cite the content correctly and generate the bibliography accurately.  I will recommend the Microsoft Word inbuilt function of citation if you are using Microsoft office to write your content. 
  • Even though you are writing honestly, you have still a chance to plagiarizing someone else’s text. Therefore, it is better to check the plagiarism before publishing it. 
How to check plagiarism?

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