In this chapter of Journal and Ledger I will discuss the following topics

5.01 Meaning of an Account

5.02 Meaning of Debit and Credit

5.03 Classification of Accounts

5.04 Significance of Debit and credit in Accounts

5.05 Journal

  5.05.01 Steps and Rules of Journalising

  5.05.02 Totaling and Carry Forward.  

5.05.03 Simple and Compound Journal Entries

5.06 Opening Entry

5.07 Sub-division of Journal

5.08 Ledger

  5.08.01 Meaning

  5.08.02 Form of a Ledger

  5.08.03 Mechanics of Posting

  5.08.04 Balancing of Ledger Accounts

Journal and Ledger
Journal and Ledger

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