Final Account of Non-Manufacturing Company

In this chapter I will discuss the final account of non-manufacturing company under the following head.

14.01 Why Adjustments are made in Final Accounts
14.02 Adjustments in the Final Accounts
Closing Stock ::: Outstanding Expenses
Prepaid or Unexpired Expenses ::: Accrued or Outstanding Income
Unearned Income or Income Received in Advance ::: Depreciation
Bad Debts ::: Provision for Doubtful Debts
Provision for Discount on Debtors ::: Interest on Capital
Interest on Drawings :::: Abnormal or Accidental Losses
Goods Sent on Approval Basis ::: VAT
Adjustment Pertaining to Goods: ::: C.S.T.
* Goods-in-Transit ::: *P.F.
* Drawings of Goods by the Proprietor ::: *Advances to Employees
* Goods Distributed as Free Samples ::: *Imprest on Adjustments

Final Account of Non-Manufacturing Company

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