Depreciation means a fall in the value of an asset because of usage or with efflux of time or due to
obsolescence or accident. Every fixed asset looses its value, once it is put to use

In this chapter I will discuss the following topics

11.01 Meaning of Depreciation
11.02 Characteristics of Depreciation
11.03 Depreciation and Other Related Concepts
11.04 Causes of Depreciation
11.05 Accounting Concept of Accounting
11.06 Objectives or Need for Providing Depreciation
11.07 Factors or Basis of Providing Depreciation
11.08 Methods of Recording Depreciation
11.09 Methods of Charging Depreciation
11.10 Change of Method of Depreciation [Accounting Standard-6 (Revised)]
11.11 Practical Issues Relating to Depreciation


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