Course sections

Python for Financial analysis

Programming and Finance Fundamentals

In programming you will learn the python relevant to finance.

  • Learn how to code in Python
  • Work with Python’s conditional statements,
  • functions, sequences, and loops
  • Work with scientific packages, like NumPy
  • Understand how to use the data analysis toolkit, Pandas
  • Plot graphs with Matplotlib
  • Use Python to solve real-world tasks

In financial analysis using python you will learn the following

Time Value of Money

  • Writing Financial Calculator in Python
  • Definition of NPV and NPV rule
  • Definition of Payback Period and Payback period rule

Source of Financial and Other data

  • Discussion of Different Source of Data and use of Python to extract the data.

Bound and Stock Valuation

  • Introduction to interest rates
  • Term structure of Interest Rate
  • Bond Evaluation
  • Stock Evaluation

Capital Assets Pricing Model

  • Introduction to CAPM
  • Moving Data
  • Adjusted Beta
  • Reading and writing data from files
  • Simple string manipulation
  • Time Series Analysis

Introduction to Time Series Analysis

  • Merging Dataset based on date
  • Test of Normality
  • Understanding the interpretation technique