Business Transactions – Voucher Preparation

Business Transactions are recorded in the books of accounts on the basis of an evidence such as bills of purchases, invoices for sales, debit and credit notes, etc. These evidences being the basis of recording entry, are
known as Source Documents.

Rules of debit and credit are applied to each transaction and a voucher is prepared before recording in the books of original entry, i.e., Journal and special purpose books in a chronological order. The entries recorded in these books of accounts are transferred to the
specific Ledger accounts.

In this Chapter, we shall discuss Source Documents and the preparation of a Voucher.

4.01 Source Documents 4.02 Meaning of a Voucher
4.03 Types of Vouchers 4.04 Preparation of a Voucher

Business Transactions – Voucher Preparation
Voucher Preparation

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