11 Best Artificial Intelligence Powered Healthcare Mobile Apps in 2021

In 2021, here are the top 11 Artificial Iintelligence powered healthcare mobile apps

There is an old proverb, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.

However, that is not possible because an apple cannot prevent form all the disease and most importantly the human being are able to use their intelligence. But now with the boom of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, computer programmes are able to use AI and they are able to replace in a limited way the routine work of the doctor and gives the benefit of speed and accuracy of computer. In future doctors will be relevent if they will use their human inteligence inplace of depending strictly on tests and medicine like a robot, because the robot with artificial intelligence will do this work better faster than human. At present we are at the beginning of this stage, where artificial intelligence equipped mobile app and other software started participating in the medical treatment.

So here is the mobile healthcare apps that improve the coordination and communication between medical professionals and their patients.

Listed below are a few of the most in-demand artificial intelligence (AI)-based mobile applications (healthcare AI apps).

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In 2021, these are the top 11 AI-powered mobile health apps

1. Sense.ly:

  1. Sense.ly, a San Francisco-based startup, has raised $8 million in a Series B round of venture funding to bring its virtual nurse technology to clinics and patients of all types. The app assists physicians in staying in touch with patients and preventing readmission to the hospital. Adam Odessky, the platform’s CEO and founder, describes it as “a cross between Whatsapp and Siri that captures all the important signals about a person’s health.”

Sense.ly is a real-time virtual nurse assistant. Patients can expect a wide range of benefits from this AI-powered healthcare app, including-

  • It monitors symptoms and, if necessary, connects with nurses.
  • This app asks variety of questions realted to blood pressure, heartbeat, blood sugar levels, weight, and more.
  • A simple and fast way to book phone or clinical appointments.

That’s the best part of this AI-app: It can communicate verbally with patients to gather data on their health. It store the medical record and sent to the doctor for review using embedded AI technology that matches the patient’s previous medical history.

Apps powered by sense.ly (sensely.com): AskFirst,

2. WebMD:

WebMD is one of the best mobile apps powered by AI and machine learning to accurately track symptoms and provide physician-reviewed feedback. WebMD is one of the best mobile apps powered by AI and Machine Learning that can be used on demand.

WebMD AI healthcare app features: Symptom checker, which allows you to select symptoms from a list.

  • It assists patients in locating nearby physicians.
  • Enhances treatment and diagnosis
  • WebMD Rx- to obtain the most affordable prescription medications
  • Set and receive medication intake reminders with pill images and dosage information.

You can download WebMD through this link: WebMD for Android, iPhone and iPad

3. Youper:

Users of Youper’s mobile healthcare app were given the option of chatting with a chatbot. Patients’ health issues can be better understood with the use of an AI chatbot. Using the responses provided by the users, the app evaluates the user’s mental well-being and recommends treatments that can help alleviate their symptoms.

Powered Healthcare Mobile with artificial Intelligence
  • Checker for Symptoms: Choose the area of your body that is bothering you, enter your symptoms, and learn about potential conditions or issues.
  • Directory of Doctors: Locate the nearest doctor, hospital, and pharmacy based on your current location, or search by city, state, or zip code.
  • Conditions: Find medically reviewed information about conditions that are relevant to you and learn more about the causes, treatments, and symptoms associated with them.
  • Medicine: Search our extensive database for drug and vitamin information. Learn about the uses, side effects, and warnings, as well as how to use our Pill Identifier tool.
  • News: Get the latest news on top stories, as well as articles, slideshows, and videos on important health topics.
  • Reminders for Medication: View daily schedules and instructions, pill images with dosage and timing information, and receive medication reminders.

Through the app’s video calling feature, healthcare professionals and patients can discuss mental health issues and devise the best treatment plan. You can download it through Google Play in android. It is also available on Apple mobile. This is paid app. You have to pay before using this app.

4. ADA Health App:

  1. ADA has a 4.8/5 rating on Android and 4.8/5 rating on iOS, making it the most popular symptom assessment app. Apps that combine AI technology with real-time healthcare professionals can assist patients or users better manage their health.

Using pre-programmed questions, this free healthcare app asks individuals about their symptoms and health issues. This AI-powered medical software generates a tailored health report based on the user’s input and recommends a doctor’s visit if abnormalities are found.

Skin ailments like rashes, acne, and bug bites; women’s health and pregnancy; children; sleep issues; and eye infections can all be tracked with this app.

You can install Ada through this link: Take care of yourself with Ada

5. Binah.ai:

  1. To expand the reach of telemedicine, a leading video-based monitoring solution provider, Binah.ai, has created an app that uses the power of AI technology.

The app from Binah.ai is one of the best at detecting and monitoring heart rate and other vital signs using artificial intelligence in mobile healthcare. Computer vision and signal processing techniques are used to evaluate the person’s face and provide information about their heart rate, respiratory rate, oxygen saturation level and mental stress.

If you want to install this app click this link: Binah Team – How to install and use – Binah.ai – Support Center

6. SkinVision App:

  1. Using artificial intelligence, the mHealth app SkinVision can estimate an adult’s risk of developing skin cancer. Skin cancer symptoms can be detected and recommendations given immediately.

The Risk Profile is the greatest part of this programme. A risk profile assessment or uploading a photo of spots or rashes on the skin can be used by the user to determine the type of skin cancer. In a matter of seconds, the app gives a verified report and recommends consulting with a dermatologist if necessary.

SkinVision’s mobile app for Android and iOS creates reminders for users to re-assess their risk profile at regular intervals. However, picture recognition experts keep track on users’ accounts and inform them if there is a potential problem.

You can download this App here: SkinVision | Skin Cancer Melanoma Detection App | SkinVision

7. MDacne:

Mdacne employs artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse and score the severity of acne, skin sensitivity, and the persistence of acne. Based on a skin analysis report, the app also gives the user with a personalised acne treatment plan.

Users may keep an eye on their skin 24 hours a day, seven days a week. In addition, dermatologists can use the app to interact with each other and receive online consultations in just a few minutes.

With the help of this user-friendly programme, you can create treatment reminders and receive dermatologically-tested cleanser and anti-acne treatment lotion whenever you need them.

This is a paid app however you can start a free trial, click here: MDacne – Get Clear Skin with a Custom Acne Treatment

8. Happify:

  1. In our list of the best AI-based healthcare apps, we included Happify because of its creative approach. Science-based tasks and games with Anna, a virtual AI educator, are available in this mobile app to help users reduce their mental stress levels.

Using an AI assistant, people can play games and learn how to better control their emotions. Anxiety levels are reduced, self-confidence is increased and negative thoughts are eliminated by using this AI programme.

You can download app in Android and Apple mobile.

9. Babylon Health:

  1. An AI-based virtual digital healthcare service provider, Babylon is a global leader. In 2021, Babylon is one of the best healthcare applications thanks to its user-friendly design, symptom checker, and appointment booking capabilities.

Additional features include a video consultation service and the availability of a wide selection of specialists at any time.

Track and check for fresh COVID-19 symptoms with this AI app, as well as receive fast advise on their health state.

You can download app through this link Download App | Babylon Health

10. K Health:

  1. As a prominent AI doctor app, it gives highly individualised health information to its consumers. As a result of its Ai-powered symptom checker tool, it detects health issues in real-time based on the user’s health conditions.

The software uses AI technology to assess the user’s responses to millions of pre-stored health records with similar conditions in a fraction of the time. After that, the AI-powered symptom checker provides individualised health advice that improves health conditions.

An additional feature of the programme is that it allows users to text qualified doctors and be prescription right away.

You can download app here K Health: Healthcare Without The System

11. Ginger:

  1. The software collects behavioural data from users, such as how long they speak, sleep, or exercise, in order to obtain insight into their mental health. By integrating machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to empower their team of mental health professionals, the app provides more people with access to improved mental health treatments.

You can download app here: Ginger | On-demand mental healthcare


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