Month: December 2021

  • How to Host a Website from Your Own Home

    You can save a lot of money by hosting your own website rather than using a web hosting provider. To host yourself, you must be familiar with router configuration and have a valid domain name and web server. Your web server can be a computer that is not your primary work computer and runs Windows, […]

  • Teaching English management skills in the classroom

    For ESL/EFL teachers, managing their classrooms can be difficult because of a variety of factors. However, one important aspect of class management remains constant: the desire to communicate in English. This article discusses the class management issues that arise in most ESL/EFL settings in some form or another. A number of recommendations are also made […]

  • Does artificial intelligence result in biased decisions?

    Artificial Intelligence has recently been proven to have built-in bias in its decisions, which is a worry when using it in society. Science and research use artificial intelligence, and this is well-known. Artificial intelligence is even used in the development of the COVID vaccine (Greig 2021). A vaccination should take about ten years to fully […]