Month: May 2021


    If you want to select a career in accounts and finance. Then you must have the knowledge of two programs (ACCA Vs CA) that have several advantages over the remaining other programs and degree in the field of Accounts and Finance. These are CA  (Chartered accountant) ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountant) You may have […]

  • Italy defeated COVID-19? A wrong viral rumor.

    Italy defeated COVID-19 and COVID-19 is bacteria not virous is viral on the net particularly on Facebook. A viral message in Hindi claims that “Italy has defeated coronavirus”. It says that the country performed autopsies on patients who died of COVID and found they had died of “5G electromagnetic radiation”. The wrong message is under […]

  • How smart is HR?

    HR processes can be automated with technologies and tools. The intelligent networking of data promises additional added value. But HR needs a playground for this to try out. How smart is HR? The term smart has long become standard vocabulary – many people have a smartphone or a smart TV, live even in a smart home . Often there is also talk of the Internet of Things, […]